ZIWI® Peak: The raw pet food alternative you should consider

Many pet parents are turning to raw diets for their dogs and cats, recognizing the numerous advantages it offers. However, feeding a raw diet demands time, preparation, and unwavering dedication. For those seeking the nutritional benefits of raw food with the ease of dry kibble, ZIWI Peak recipes offer an excellent solution.

Why Choose ZIWI Peak?

Nutrient Density: ZIWI Peak takes pride in its commitment to nutrition. It takes a remarkable 3 pounds of raw ingredients to produce just 1 pound of ZIWI Peak air-dried food. This results in a meat-rich, highly digestible diet free from unnecessary additives. ZIWI Peak serves as a safe and convenient alternative to traditional raw feeding while preserving the essence of a raw diet's nutrition.

Safe Nutrition: Unlike conventional dry pet foods that undergo mass production and high-temperature cooking, compromising their nutritional value, ZIWI Peak foods are handcrafted in New Zealand kitchens and gently air-dried. This process draws inspiration from centuries-old techniques used to naturally preserve meats. It effectively eliminates pathogens and bacteria, ensuring both the safety of the food for you to serve and its suitability for your beloved pets to enjoy.

Ready-to-Serve and Shelf Stable: Unlike raw feeding, ZIWI Peak's air-dried recipes are ready to serve right after you open the bag. Once opened, the food maintains its freshness for 8 weeks, and unopened bags have an impressive shelf life of 21 months from the date of manufacturing. This means you can conveniently provide peak nutrition to your pets without the need for immediate consumption.

Peak Nutrition Without Compromise: ZIWI Peak recipes are crafted with simplicity in mind. The slow, gentle air-drying process requires no artificial preservatives, additives, or binders. Whether you're traveling with your four-legged companion or find it challenging to maintain a consistent raw diet, ZIWI Peak air-dried recipes offer the best of both worlds: the nutrition and natural goodness of a raw diet in a safe, convenient, ready-to-serve format.

Incorporate ZIWI Peak into your pet's diet and experience the perfect blend of nutrition and convenience that ensures the well-being of your furry friends.