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Planted-based litter (Tofu cat litter)


Tofu cat litter raw material formula is mainly soybean fibre, corn starch, peas, tapioca flour. Solidarity is better, safe, good deodorisation, clean and convenient. However, according to Product Review Australia, some tofu litters add too much chemical flavor like lavender, some fruit and spice. But cats hate that smells. In fact, the product quantity for ingredients of tofu litter like soybean is unsteady. It even will lead to ability for clumping or odour reduction is different each pack. So, their litters always have negative comment about that.


How to choose the right cat litter depends on some factors.


Odour control:


According to the material, there are two ways of deodorisation: physical adsorption deodorisation (activated charcoal, plant fiber and clays), chemical neutralisation deodorisation that Ph value of product and whether baking soda added. The clay, the paper and the wood usually have only physical deodorisation and the crystals and the plant-based not only have physical deodorisation but also chemical. So, their ability for odour-control is stronger than the rest three. 


Whether easy cleaning:


The ability for clumping and the absorption are two main factors that whether easy cleaning. There has the strongest ability for clumping is the plant-based and the worst one is the woods and crystals. But have the highest absorption ability is the plant-based.


Value of money


The following table shows the 5 types of cat litters sold on an Australian market.


Cost: Which Cat Litter is Best Value?


As the table, is it really expensive for tofu cat litter? At a glance, you may be led to believe that non-clumping litter is the cheaper option. However, these litters generally need to be replaced much more frequently than clumping alternatives making the initial difference in price almost negligible. According to Product Review Australia, you might need to replace a recycled paper pellet litter every 1-2 days, but you can make a tray of clumping litter stretch for up to 2 weeks. Furthermore, the using time is also an important factor to save your money. Although one package for clay or other litter is cheap and heavy, their using time is almost like 2 weeks or within. The planted-based cat litter is the most expensive but they can cover 2-3 weeks:


Clay: Less than $1.00 a day

Paper: More than $2.00 a day

Wood: More than $1.50 a day

Crystals: Over $1.50 a day

Plate based: Less than $1.00 a day


That means you can save more money per day when you use tofu cat litter. Regardless of which litter you choose, cleaning out solid waste and clumps regularly will help to extend its usable life and save you dollars in the long run.


Choosing a litter ultimately comes down to your cat's individual preference as well as your budget and lifestyle. Live in an apartment or keep your cat's litter box in the kitchen? Odour reducing clumping litter is probably the best choice for you. Prefer to minimize your environmental impact and don't mind putting soiled litter in the compost?


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