Playing with cat

For all those who love cats and is thinking about getting one, do not be fooled by its cute appearance, because under its cute and angelic looks, there are still many troublesome realities to be faced. You must be mentally prepared and ask yourself, will you be able to bear it. Then decide whether to take the cat home. Here are some issues which must be considered.

Is your cat compatible with pets you already have?

Although cats are docile, they still belong to the same species as lions and tigers. Even cute kittens have more or less predatory nature in their blood. If there are other pet fish, pet birds, and pet mice in the home, the cats will treat them as prey to some extent.
Hence, before adding a new family member into your house, you should consider if it is safe for both your cat and your other pets to live together under the same roof. If you believe that you can make it work, then you should arrange the pets in appropriate locations beforehand.
Cats are very afraid of loneliness
Although cats may seem indifferent at times, they actually need the care and love of their owners. Therefore, if the owner ignores the cat in the house for a long time, it is likely to show some ‘needy’ behaviour to grab your attention.
When you are raising a pet, you must determine whether you have enough time to accompany them and establish relationships. If you cannot stay at home for a long time because of work, then you should give up the idea of ​​keeping pets. It is painful for both the owner and the cat is it so happens to become mentally defective.
Cleaning, cleaning and…. more cleaning
Cats love to be clean, yet at the same time they can also make the house really messy. If you are considering of getting a cat, you must be able to tolerate the mess they make and be prepared to clean the house constantly.
Cats do their businesses in the litter box, but when the litter box becomes too dirty or is not what they want, they may start to do it in other places, this can cause the owner to clean more than they usually needed. To prevent this, owners should always clean the litter box regularly, so this makes it easier for both the owner and the cat.
Another thing to keep tabs on is the hair, it is the most troublesome issue when raising a cat. There is no solution for it and if you’ve been to a house with cat in it, you’ll notice that there is hair literally everywhere. On the furniture, clothes, even in the air; the only way to get rid of these cat hairs is to have no cat at all. This only gets worse during late spring and early summer, when cats start to shed. If you can’t stand these issues, then it is probably not suitable for you to raise a cat, maybe you should rethink over your decision.
How much does it cost to raise a cat?
To raise a healthy cat is no easy task. You must invest your time, effort and money into it, especially money. Raising a cat requires a lot of materials, going from as small as a food bowl, to as big as a cat tree. All of which requires money.
A veterinary is also important, if your cat is suddenly sick, or having a long-term issue, one must also seek a vet, this can ensure that your cat is happy and healthy, living the longest life possible.
A vet and medicine for cat is rather expensive, together with the materials needed, the money needed to raise a cat is no small amount, if you are having a hard time with money right now, maybe later is a better time for raising a cat.
To help you save and choose the most suitable materials for you and your cat, we will be helping you select the cat litter, litter box and other items to fit your need.