Bunny Nature Guinea Pig Dream Senior 1.5kg - Bundi Pet Supplies
Bunny Nature Guinea Pig Dream Senior 1.5kg - Bundi Pet Supplies

Bunny Nature Guinea Pig Dream Senior 1.5kg


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Complete feed for guinea pigs over 5 years of age

  • With ginseng & ginkgo - To aid in circulation and joint health  
  • Indian frankincense contribute to cognitive function in older pets 
  • high proportion of stabilized vitamin C: long-lasting vitamin C - for complete and permanent coverage of requirements
  • balanced long-life recipe: all components are important and correctly dosed
  • 3-fiber mix: 3 different fiber lengths ensure tooth wear and a healthy intestinal flora
  • With plants from the home of the guinea pig: quinoa, amaranth, aronia berries & maca native to South America

Bunny Nature Guinea Pig Dream Senior is a complete and natural animal food for guinea pig from the age of 5 years.

This natural food is rich in fibre and made with 42 different grasses and plants from natural meadows. The food also contains ingredients a guinea pig would eat in the wild: quinoa, amaranth, chokeberries and maca. The added ginseng, ginkgo and indian frankincense contribute to the maintenance of a healthy locomotor system and general well-being of the animal. The pellets have an optimal crude fibre to starch ratio (3.1 : 1) to help prevent fattening. The stabilised vitamin C in the pellets ensures optimal and continuous availability of this important vitamin.

The Guinea Pig Dream Senior pellets are designed to ensure optimal intake by older animals. The pellets consist of fibres of three different lengths and the TriMello pellet shape corresponding to the chewing behaviour of the animal. This contributes to natural tooth abrasion and an optimal intestinal flora. This food can be given in unlimited amounts to the animal, because it contains balanced levels of fibre and other nutrients. It keeps the gut continually moving similar to hay. The pellet shape encourages chewing action. Guinea pigs younger than 5 months can be given Guinea Pig Dream Young, guinea until the age of 5 years Guinea Pig Dream Basic.

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