Oxbow Garden Select Pellets Adult Guinea Pig Food 1.18kg - Bundi Pet Supplies
Oxbow Garden Select Pellets Adult Guinea Pig Food 1.18kg - Bundi Pet Supplies

Oxbow Garden Select Pellets Adult Guinea Pig Food 1.18kg


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Oxbow Garden Select Pellets Adult Guinea Pig Food Provides Your Small Pet With All The Nutrients They Need To Thrive
  • Complete and Balanced food, formulated for adult Guinea Pigs (over 6 months old) to meet their nutritional requirements for optimal health and wellbeing
  • Features a range of wholesome, enriching ingredients straight from the garden to provide your small pet with all the nutrients they need to thrive
  • Recommended by veterinarians on a global scale

Quality Ingredients

  • Timothy grass, Oat grass, Orchard grass and oat hulls are the first 4 ingredients and are packed with fibre for healthy digestion
  • The recipe also contains yellow peas, flaxseed, tomato, rosemary and thyme  
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, biotin, thiamine, magnesium, calcium, and zinc
  • Natural antioxidants to support the immune system
  • No artificial ingredients


  • Pellets contain a lower protein, calcium and carbohydrate content which is ideal for a Guinea Pig’s digestive system
  • Pellets tackle boredom by promoting natural foraging behaviours and allows your pet to scavenge for their food and experience positive environmental enrichment
  • The formula mimics the natural diet of small animals in the wild 
  • Uniform pellets prevent selective feeding

High Palatability

  • Your Guinea Pig will love the delicious natural flavour and small pellet shapes

Further Information

  • Presented in a re-sealable bag to lock in the freshness
  • Non GMO Project verified


  • Although these pellets are a complete feed for Guinea Pigs, unlimited access to fresh grass hay should also be provided
  • 70% of your Guinea Pig’s diet should be grass hay, 20% pellets, 8% greens, and 2% treats
  • This product is not intended for young, active, pregnant or nursing Guinea Pigs - you should feed ‘Oxbow Essentials Young Guinea Pig Food’ during these stages of life
  • Close the bag tightly after each use to maintain maximum freshness

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